Thousands of Innocents Flee for Refuge as International Community Remains Silent

yakawlangThe lives of the people of Yakawlang have been devastated by the massacre of 300 town residents in January, 2001, see-saw battles between Taliban and United Front forces during the past several months with associated terrorization by troops from both sides, the nearby destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues, and drought. Additionally, the Hazarajat region of Afghanistan is the most economically deprived region in Afghanistan.

RAMPAGING Taliban troops have razed a town in central Afghanistan, the home of 60,000 people, after capturing it from the opposition United Front. Tens of thousands of people have fled the fighting, adding to the refugee crisis in Afghanistan, as the Taliban continue to restrict United Nations relief agencies from operating freely.

In mid-April 2001, the President of the Afghan Women’s Mission, Steve Penners, visited Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan where he spent a month among refugees and members of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA).