Faizabad, Afghanistan – Lying in the hospital bed with her baby on her breast, Momagul is one of the lucky ones. Her husband allowed her to go to hospital, her home was only 20km away, and she received medical attention in time to save her life.

Afghans poured into polling stations throughout the country today to take part in one of the most extraordinary elections the world has seen.

This election process was imposed by the United States to solve “Afghan problems” as defined by the United States. In reality, the problems facing Afghans are the results of decisions made in Washington in the 1980s and 1990s.1

Los Angeles – Two events commemorate the start of the “war on terrorism” in Afghanistan. October 7th, 2004 will mark the third Anniversary of the “War on Terrorism” – a day when Coalition forces united to enter Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden and the Al Queda Network. In the three years since the claim of “liberation,” Afghanistan has fallen into a complete security nightmare due to a lack of interest and focus by NATO and the International community. Security is still limited to the capital city of Kabul, while places like Herat have seen a rise in suicide among women. After twenty-five years, Doctors Without Borders has pulled out of the country.