U.S. military forces may take a larger role in the anti-narcotics campaign in Afghanistan, a top general said Wednesday.

They had fled the Taliban, returned home to a “new Afghanistan,” and were looking forward to continuing their education when Khusboo and Heena heard the calamitous news. School, the two Afghan sisters were told, was a luxury the family could not afford.

Members of the Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan (RAWA), who, in the past, have been vocal against the policies of the Taliban government, are now demanding that Karzai exclude all such warlords out of his cabinet. Carrying anti- warlordism banners and chanting slogans, they marched to the United Nations building in Islamabad.

RAWA’s Malalai Hospital project is in critical condition – funds have been drastically dropping as media attention turns elsewhere. We need your help. It costs about $20,000 each month to run Malalai Hospital – to pay for doctors’ and nurses’ salaries, to buy supplies like bandages or surgical instruments, even to keep the water and heat running in the building. Malalai Hospital treats 300-350 people – women who couldn’t get care elsewhere – each day.