Statement by Sonali Kolhatkar, Co-Director of Afghan Women’s Mission

Recently prominent liberal voices in the United States have expressed the view that the US war in Afghanistan is being waged to help secure the rights of Afghan women. The Feminist Majority, a prominent women’s organization in the US responded today to my critique of their pro-war position, co-authored with Mariam Rawi, a member of RAWA.

Rethink Afghanistan is a ground-breaking documentary by Brave New Films, that focuses on the what is really happening in Afghanistan as a result of US policy.

Part 5 of the film, just released online, explores the often-touted “liberation” of Afghan women and war’s disproportionate toll on women and their families. A member of RAWA was interviewed for this film, alongside Afghan Women’s Mission Co-Director Sonali Kolhatkar and many women’s rights advocates. Parts 1-4 can be viewed at

Brave New Films has partnered with RAWA to provide direct aid to refugee families displaced by the war. Earlier efforts helped raise $6,000 for emergency aid. $9000 more is needed. Please watch this short film and make a donation to RAWA to help them provide basic necessities to the refugees.