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Malalai ClinicAmong the various healthcare projects run by RAWA is Malalai Clinic in Khewa. The clinic is run by a team that includes a medical doctor, a child specialist, a gynecologist, 3 nurses, a lab technician, a pharmacist, a registrar, a service worker, a driver and a security guard. The clinic is open 4 days a week, 9 am to 2 pm.

healthcareThe clinic is equipped with a medical laboratory including equipment to treat eye health, and an ambulance to transport patients to Peshawar in case of emergency. Due to the lack of other medical facilities, Malalai Clinic provides healthcare to women, children, and men.

malalai clinicThere are about 5000 refugees living in Khewa camp and 25,000 in the surrounding camps and brick factories for whom Malalai Clinic also provides medical care. Each day, 120-180 patients from Khewa or the neighboring camps and factory workers come to the clinic. Among them at least 100-120 are women who have gynecological problems and children who have diseases such as diarrhea, dehydration, skin infections, pneumonia, flu, malnutrition, etc.

Patients of Malalai Clinic pay a small fee of 10 rupees (= 16 US cents) to get registered. After that, all medical check ups, tests and prescribed medicines are provided free of charge. Common medical tests such as typhoid, malaria, hepatitis B & C, and other routine tests are carried out in the clinic.

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