Volunteer Your Time and Services

With the ever-worsening state of the economy, we understand that many of you don’t have the means to donate much financially. But if you’d like to help Afghan women, there are many ways to put your time and efforts to work:

  • The most direct way you can help Afghan women in your own community is to organize a local fund raiser in your community. An easy way to do this is to host a house party.
  • Help us receive in-kind donations from local vendors to raise awareness of RAWA. AWM needs: T-shirts, posters, coffee mugs (we can provide the logo), as well as brochures, etc. We can provide tax-exemption to vendors for their donations. Contact us if you find a vendor willing to donate these items.
  • Host AWM or RAWA spokespeople at your local university or college campus, church, or community center. Travel and lodging costs will have to be borne by you or your organization. Contact us if you want to arrange a speaker.
  • Increase media awareness of Afghan women. Contact your local newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, and ask them to cover the situation of Afghan women. Media can arrange interviews by calling us at 626-676-7884.
  • If you live in the Los Angeles area where our headquarters are based, and are willing to help us set up information tables at various local events, contact us to volunteer.

If you have any other ideas that are not listed here, but that you think could benefit this organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in traveling to Afghanistan or Pakistan and volunteering on the ground, we CANNOT help you. The Afghan women we work with do not need skills and equipment, as much as they need funds to do the work themselves.If you feel nonetheless, that your physical help in Afghanistan or Pakistan will make a big difference, please email us.