AWM President Visits Afghan Refugee Camps

In mid-April 2001, the President of the Afghan Women’s Mission, Steve Penners, visited Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan where he spent a month among refugees and members of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). Steve personally witnessed the desperate conditions of Afghan refugees in the newer camps as well as more established camps in Pakistani cities. He also closely observed the crucial work of RAWA’s many health, educational and relief programs for Afghan refugees.

The Afghan Women’s Mission is proud to announce the first series of images from this trip which include images from Jalozai Refugee camp in Pakistan where more than 80,000 Afghan refugees are living in conditions of extreme squalor and desperation. We invite you to view Mr. Penners’ photo report here.

View latest images from Jalozai

These stark photos are an important reminder that the plight of Afghan refugees continues to worsen and is a challenge to our consciences.

Accompanying the images, is a letter from the President of Afghan Women’s Mission, describing RAWA’s work from a firsthand perspective: [FIX!]