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  1. What is AWM's Tax Identification Number?
  2. What does the Afghan Women’s Mission do?
  3. What is Afghan Women’s Mission’s position on US policy in Afghanistan?
  4. Are you a legitimate Non-Profit?
  5. How can I volunteer to help AWM?
  6. How Can I Sponsor an Afghan Teacher?
  7. How Can I adopt/foster an Afghan Child?
  8. How Can I Organize a Fundraiser for AWM?
  9. Can I Use Photographs From Your Website?
  10. How do I send money raised at fundraisers for AWM/RAWA?
  11. Can you tell me if you have received my donation?
  12. I made a donation to AWM in 2011, but did not get a tax letter. What do I do?
  13. What forms of electronic payment do you accept?
  14. How Can I Send Items such as old clothes, blankets, shoes, instead of money?
  15. Can Canadians get tax exemption by donating to AWM?
  16. How does AWM send money to RAWA?
  17. What is AWM’s relationship to RAWA?
  18. What percentage of the money raised is sent to RAWA?